Martial Arts

Led by Master Ian Cassale


In our Karate program you will push your mind past its limits. You will learn discipline & focus techniques that can be applied inside or outside of the dojo. Not only do we train athletes for the sport of Karate, but you will explore the root of the art to obtain a true warrior spirit.

Ninjutsu & Jujutsu

The ninjutsu curriculum is centered on the teaching of the Ninpo Sanjurokkei (36 areas of training) that consists of 18 forms of traditional Japanese martial arts (Bugei Juhappan) in combination with the 18 forms of Ninpo (Ninja Juhakei).

Associated with our jujutsu program is the Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei (KJJR). The KJJR was established by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura in 1991 for the preservation and transmission of authentic Japanese Jujutsu. Unfortunately, today very few jujutsu schools outside of Japan practice what could be considered authentic jujutsu. Having lost the connection with their Japanese roots, they have evolved into eclectic arts. The purpose of the KJJR is to make available training to those who seek traditional jujutsu.

Also our weapons program runs in conjuction with our ninjutsu & jujutsu programs. You will learn sword, bo staff, knife, weighted chain, throwing blade techniques just to name a few!

Japanese Sword

This program is for 18 years or older. Japanese sword arts carry traditions that are centuries old. We are one of few authentic Japanese sword schools in Maryland that teach these special traditions. If you are looking to broaden your horizons and relieve daily stress, but don't want to be involved in the hard physical strains of regular martial arts then this program is perfect for you!

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